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Tai Ki Kung

Tai Ki Kung Chang San Fung - Tai Ki (Tai Chi) is the practice
according to the tradition passed down from the Master Chang San Feng.

Cantonese Tai Ki is the same as Tai Chi (written in Italian transcription).
The term refers to the philosophical principle describing the state
of the dynamic balance of energy Chi (mutual changes yin and yang).
The impact of Tai Ki's (complement the opposites) rule can be
observed in many of the manifestation of life.
The closest example of this is our own breathing reflex. Breath in (yin)
followed by the breath out (yang). Both phases of breathing complement one another according to Tai Ki's rhythm,
thus assisting us constantly throughout our life cycle.
Kung means to work, practice, and experience over the passage of time
through practical action.

The art of Tai Ki Kung is a
relatively unknown and unique style originating from southern China.

Dr. Ming Wong C.Y. a student of: Wong Mou Wan i Men Tou Chi introduced this form of Tai Chi
into Europe, initially in Italy, during the 80's of the 20th century.
One of earliest and closest European students
of master Ming Wong C.Y. is London based
Tomasz Nowakowski.

Tomasz (Thomas) Nowakowski has spread the art of Tai Ki Kung to Austria, Czech Republic, France,
Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the UK and had presented it during
international meetings of the teachers and practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan
in France, Germany and Taiwan.
Since 1992 Tomasz Nowakowski has been educating a numerous circle of practitioners
together with dozens of teachers of Tai Ki Kung in many countries.
Soon we'll publish here the web page expanding the theme of the art of Tai Ki Kung
Information about the Centre of Taoist arts "Golden Hill" which has had Tai Ki Kung in the program of teaching and practicing
can be found on: www.taichi-goldenhill.org