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Tai Ki Kung (Tai Chi Kung)
Master Thomas Nowakowski





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Master Tomasz (Thomas) Nowakowski

born 1954 in Warsaw, an visual artist and Tai Chi practitioner.

Thomas having been interested in Asian culture since his youth.
He has been practising different martial arts since 1966 and teaching Tai Chi since 1982.
He works with two styles: Yang and San Feng.
In Yang style he works mainly with the traditional form of
the Yang family (108 forms), push-hands and Tai Chi fencing.
San Feng, rare style from the south of China, is practised in the interpretation of master Ming Wong.
In the past Thomas has had a few teachers. He is a student of Dr. Ming Wong, C.Y since 1990.

Since 1982 he has taught Tai Chi in many European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, UK)
and prepared over forty Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors.

When teaching, Thomas concentrates on understanding Tai Chi principles and their use in daily life.
Thomas considers Tai Chi an art (like painting or music) and a way of putting the mind and body in harmony.
Thomas founded the Centre of Taoist Arts Zlatý Kopec in Prague and has been working
as a professor of Qi Gong Teachers Study in Academy for Health and Social Competence in Linz (Austria).
Since 2004 he has been cooperating
with the National Tai Chi Chuan Federation of the Republic of the Taiwan.

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